Terms & Conditions

Congratulations on taking the first step towards an online accounting system by setting up your ledger on XERO.

These Terms of Service are intended to explain our obligations as a XERO conversion provider and your obligations as a customer. Please read them carefully.


  2. "Terms" - means these Terms of Service
    "Data" - means the MYOB file, migration checklist and migration order form.
    "Customer" - means you, the customer.
    "Services" - means the data migration services to migrate the financial data from MYOB to XERO, as selected by the customer on the order form.


    • We will perform the services with strict ethical and quality control requirements of our professional body.
    • Our XERO conversion team are trained and efficient in providing the services and have years of experience and technical expertise of the issues that might be encountered during the migration.
    • We will establish your XERO file within 3 days from receiving the data. However, we shall not be liable for any failure to deliver on a specified period, however that failure was caused.
    • We will not commence the Services until we received the property completed checklist and all required Data have been sent to the XpressConvert Inbox.
    • We will not commence migration until valid credit card information of the customer is provided. We will not apply payment until the migration process is completed.
    • Once the migration is completed and checked by you, we will no longer be responsible for any modification, deletion or changes to your Xero file.


    • You are required to diligently complete the migration checklist before we can start the migration process.
    • The chart of accounts used in the customer's MYOB file will be used and migrated to XERO. If a different chart of accounts will be used, mapping of accounts to MYOB and conversion balance must be provided by the customer.
    • At all times, you are responsible for all the invited users in your XERO account including the level of access given to the invited users.
    • The customer will provide a 'Financial User' access role to the assigned XpressConvert team advisor during the migration phase. Once the migration is complete, our access will be removed from XERO, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.

  5. Limitation of Liability

    • In performing our services, we will not be liable for any data migration errors which were caused by the quality of the source data which we obtained from you. Likewise we are not performing an audit of the data, so we cannot be responsible for any accounting errors in your MYOB file which are transferred to your new Xero file.

  6. Cancellation of our Services

    • Once we receive the Migration Request Form and Completed Checklist, you are not entitled to cancel our services unless either you or XpressConvert are in material breach of obligations under these Terms of Service.