1. How can you do it for that price?
    We have developed systems that allow us to undertake conversions very efficiently, yet with a full reconciliation of account balances to ensure quality. Our fixed fees are based on the average time it takes to do a conversion.
  2. Is there a limit on the file size I can send you?
    Our servers will accept files up to 10MB in size.
  3. I don't know how many transactions I have year to date. How will you charge me?
    For clients that want the full conversion service, and with files with up to 200 transactions per month, our fixed rate is $250 plus $35 per month plus GST. If your file exceeds and average of 200 transactions per month for the period to conversion date, we will give you a call to discuss the price before commencing work.
  4. What counts as a transaction for the purpose of calculating the charge?
    A transaction is the number of transactions in your bank statement.
  5. Do you also import payroll data?
    Payroll data is not imported - only the actual payroll transactions. We can assist you to establish your payroll is you wish, at a separate charge.
  6. Is the Simple Converstion all I need?
    There is no loss of integrity or accuracy when using the Simple Conversion option at the fixed fee of $250 plus GST. The only issue is that for audit or checking purposes, you or your accountant would need access to both your MYOB file up to the conversion date, and your Xero file from conversion date, in order to see all transactions for the financial year. Hence it would take them more time, but of course this only applies for the year of the conversion date.
  7. What is the conversion date?
    The conversion date is the date that you choose to be the date at which the Xero ledger starts. It can be any date, but usually clients will choose month end, quarter end or year end.
  8. Does my MYOB file need to be reconciled as of the conversion date?
    It will make it easier to prepare your BAS if the conversion date is the same as your BAS date and if your MYOB file is also reconciled to your bank statement as of the conversion date.
  9. Do you handle the establishment of bank feeds?
    Yes, we do that as part of our XpressConvert service, for bank accounts and credit cards. The start date for the bank feeds is, however, up to the bank and so that is out of our control.
  10. Do you accept credit cards?
    We only accept credit card or direct deposit to our bank account for payment. In order to keep our prices low, we require payment to be made at the time of sending the file to us, as that is when we commence work.
  11. Do you also import Inventory Data?
    Only the beginning balances and/ or actual inventory transactions are imported in XERO. We can assist you in uploading your transactions in UNLEASHED, (an inventory software interfacing with XERO), at as separate charge.
  12. I would like to use a different chart of accounts in Xero to the chart in my MYOB file. How do you handle that?
    The chart of accounts used in the Subscriber's MYOB will be used and migrated to XERO. If a different chart of accounts will be used, mapping of accounts to MYOB and conversion balance should be provided by you.
  13. Do you support countries outside Australia?
    Yes we support conversions from MYOB to Xero from all countries. We do not charge GST for clients outside of Australia.
  14. I want to have further training on XERO after the conversion, is this offered in your service?
    Our XERO Conversion team can provide training to you and your bookkeepers, charged on an hourly basis for the time spent during the training.